Finding a Lawyer to Represent You in Perry Municipal Court

Traffic tickets are very common, and many who receive one are content to pay the fine without appearing in court. Doing so is allowed in most courts, including the Perry Municipal Court. However, by paying your ticket, you are pleading no contest to the charges. To many, a no contest plea is synonymous with pleading guilty, and the consequences are often the same. Before you accept this verdict by paying your ticket, contact the Kunes Law Office to discuss your case. We want to help you fully understand your rights and what consequences can come from your traffic ticket.

Perry Municipal Court

The Perry Municipal Court building is located at 1207 Washington Street in Perry, Georgia. The court hears traffic violations, misdemeanor cases, and city code violations. Like many courts in Georgia, they give you the option to pay online, so it is very easy to pay your traffic ticket. However, you also have the right to a court date. By attending court for your traffic violation, you are allowed to make your case and present any facts that you believe are relevant.

You also have the right to a lawyer. While you may not see any reason for one, having legal representation is often the difference between being found guilty and in getting your ticket dismissed. You can ask the court to provide you with a public defender, but these attorneys are often not the best option. A public defender is often juggling multiple cases at once. They may also not have specialized knowledge of traffic laws. This means they may not fully understand all aspects of your traffic violation or be able to help you in the right way.

Contesting a Speeding Ticket in Perry Municipal Court

You can contest a speeding ticket by appearing in court with or without a lawyer. There is paperwork to fill out, of course, plus you will need to have all of the documents and other evidence you plan to present. If you have never been to court before, you may not be prepared for what occurs. It is not like any television show, and you may find that the evidence you have brought is not even considered. This is why you want to have a legal expert on your team. We will sit down with you before the trial and put together as much information as we can to show the court that your ticket is invalid. Often, this means pointing out errors or omissions on the ticket itself. These small details are easily missed even by other lawyers since they require detailed knowledge of Georgia’s traffic laws.

DUI Charges

The consequences of a speeding ticket, super speeder ticket, or DUI can be anything from fines to jail time and the suspension of your license. It all depends on how many tickets you have had and the circumstances of your current ticket. We are dedicated to helping you get your chase dismissed. In the event that we cannot, we will work to reduce any charges you receive by bargaining on your behalf. Contact the Kunes Law Office today at 229-382-4900 to schedule your free case consultation.

Joe Kunes

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Patrick Kunes

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