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Why You Need Help From a Grady County DUI Attorney

Even if you are a good driver and are familiar with the roads, there is still the possibility of encountering traffic accidents or facing charges such as DUI, traffic violations, or personal injury. In either scenario, having a skilled Grady County Attorney significantly increases your chances of navigating through these challenges without substantial expenses or further legal complications. While it's conceivable to confront prosecutors and judges independently, it may not be the most effective method, especially if you lack familiarity with the legal procedures both inside and outside the courtroom. The optimal approach to protect your innocence against legal authority is to engage a dedicated Grady County DUI Attorney. This professional can assist with the charges and serve as a trustworthy advocate for your information and innocence.

Facts about DUI in Georgia

If you ever find yourself facing DUI charges in Grady County, Georgia, don't hesitate and immediately seek out a dependable Grady County Attorney. Following your arrest, it's crucial to note that you have a limited window of 10 business days to request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing for $150. Failure to make this request will lead to the suspension of your Georgia driver's license (or driving privilege in Georgia) on the 31st day after your arrest. The ALS hearing, conducted before an Administrative Law Judge, serves as a means to determine whether the suspension will be upheld or rescinded before the DUI case progresses to criminal court.

The financial implications of a DUI charge alone can reach up to $20,000. However, securing the services of a skilled Grady County Attorney can contribute to reducing these expenses or, ideally, preventing the allegation altogether, depending on the effectiveness of your legal team. To find the most suitable Grady County Attorney for your charges, conduct thorough research, leverage different available resources to compile a list of potential DUI attorneys in the area, or seek recommendations from close friends and relatives.

DUI violations can get unexpectedly expensive which is why you need to have someone who will fight for your rights and innocence and help you with all your needs when this time comes. If you don't want your license to be taken from you, nor your freedom, it is best to find yourself a Grady County DUI Attorney even before possible accidents may occur for you to be prepared and ready before the storm comes. The Kunes Law Office provides professional Grady County Attorneys who are experienced and well-practiced in the defense court that not only provide defenses for DUI cases, but also for personal injury cases, drug charges, personal injury, and traffic violations.

The details mentioned above cover only a portion of the information relevant to DUI violations. There are numerous other aspects to be aware of when dealing with DUI cases. That's why it's essential to have someone who can provide guidance, address your inquiries, and represent you in court. If you are looking for a Grady County Attorney specializing in DUI cases, reach out to Kunes Law Office today. Call (229) 382-4900 for a complimentary consultation!

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