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If you find yourself needing support from a Peach County Attorney, there is no need to hassle and search too far. Kunes Law Office offers a helping hand from professionals and provides solutions that will help get you out of charges and allegations that you are facing. Kunes Law Office is a legal team consisting of legal experts in different fields that offers legal advice and support on how to best approach different kinds of cases in Peach County.

Kunes Law Office has been in the industry for over 50 years, protecting the legal rights of those in South Georgia. Kunes Law's legal team focuses their practice on criminal cases, including DUI, personal injury, drug charges, and traffic violations. They are known as a great provider of premier legal services in South Georgia, including in Peach County.

Peach County DUI Attorney

DUI cases are sometimes inevitable, even if you are a great driver. DUI cases include accidents, roadblocks, and traffic stops, and if you find yourself arrested for these charges in Peach County, do not despair. Kunes Law Office has great Peach County Attorneys who are closely associated with local prosecutors, judges, and police officers to help you know what to expect before you walk into the courtroom. The experts in the legal team always keep up with recent changes in case law to keep a tactical advantage and provide a much more competent battle during the hearing so they can help legally defend you in court or bargain with the possible extreme charges. With the help of Peach County Attorneys, your DUI charges will be easier to get out of, and your innocence will be protected.

Peach County Drug Charge Attorney

If the authorities caught you possessing an illegal drug in Georgia, you will be charged with a violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act (VGCSA) - an Act that contains numerous statutes, some of which deal with different drug schedules, marijuana possession, drug-related objects, counterfeit drugs, and so much more. This is a serious charge where you can be detained in the Superior Court or U.S. District Court, depending on the extent of the violation. But, with the help of an experienced Peach County Drug Charge Attorney from Kunes Law Office, you will be more familiar with your case, and the court system, and help you build a strong defense against the prosecutors and judges to fight for your innocence.

Peach County Personal Injury Attorney

If the authorities caught you possessing an illegal drug in Georgia, you will be charged with a violation of the Personal Injury cases can occur at any time of day; this includes automobile accidents, Trucking accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Medical Malpractice, and even Wrongful Death. The Peach County Personal Injury Attorneys from Kunes Law Office know how to establish the negligence of the at-fault driver and prove damages through injuries and vehicle damage. In some scenarios, your Peach County Attorney can secure a safe judgment even for clients who are partially at fault. They will be responsible for the investigation of claims, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and providing advice to their clients.

Peach County Traffic Violation Attorney

A lot of traffic tickets issued in Georgia could be a potential mistake created by the enforcement, but most drivers don't often know their rights. That's why they just accept these violations even if they are innocent. That’s why it is important to consult with your Peach County Traffic Violation Attorney whenever you receive such traffic tickets. At Kunes Law Office, they understand the state driving laws and can fight your case in court to get you a lower fine or have your ticket potentially eliminated with no points taken from your driving records.

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For your legal needs, whether it's personal injury, DUI, drug charges, traffic violations, or more, Kunes Law Office provides exceptional services. Rest assured, with their legal team in Peach County, they can handle any case effectively.

Finding a DUI lawyer can be done through referrals or online searches, but for a trustworthy and reliable option, choose Kunes Law. They have a proven track record of delivering excellent DUI defense in Peach County. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, don't hesitate to reach out to us today at (229) 382-4900!

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