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Must Know Facts in Searching up Houston County DUI Attorney

Whether you are currently facing DUI charges or simply want to know more about these kinds of violations, It is important to know facts on how to look for a Houston County DUI Attorney to represent you. Some cases of DUI charges involve accidents, roadblocks, and even traffic stops, which is another reason why you need to have a Houston County DUI Attorney who you can trust and help you out in any possible way.

Driving under the influence (DUI) —whether it be from alcohol or other drugs — is a no-laughing matter that comes with serious consequences that need to be addressed more seriously. Apart from the legal consequences arising from their negligence, individuals may subject themselves to severe and even fatal injuries, including the potential for wrongful death.

In Searching for a Houston County DUI Attorney, here are some of the facts that you need to know about DUI cases:

Symptoms of Intoxication

In being arrested for DUI, you must know that officers will look for any recognizable symptoms of intoxication, such as slurred speech, a flushed red face, an alcoholic smell on the breath, and difficulty maintaining balance. So, your Houston County DUI Attorney must be aware of these and would advise you of how officers would even take note of some aggressive behavior, inappropriate attitude, and disorderly appearance as another sign of intoxication.

DUI Case and Associated Driving Behavior

A great Houston County DUI Attorney should highlight certain driving behaviors that could impact your case. Observable patterns indicating intoxication might involve weaving or swerving between lanes, frequent or abrupt braking, and a lack of discretion in deciding when to stop or slow down, among other indicators. If you are lucky enough not to cause any accidents associated with DUI, then the signs shown on your driving behavior can be telling of your level of DUI case.

Familiarize Yourself with Field Sobriety Tests

Upon being pulled up in your vehicle by the police officers, drivers who are suspected of DUI will be asked to take a series of tests. These tests are used to see the driver’s level of intoxication. A good Houston County DUI Attorney must be an expert, trained, and knowledgeable about these Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and DUI Detection methods to effectively defend their client in the courtroom.

Identifying Relevant Tests and Signs in a Court Setting

When you are charged with a DUI violation, your Houston County DUI Attorney will consult and advise you on the specific tests that will be relevant in the court. This is why it is important to hire someone who has training and knowledge about DUI Detection and other vital forms of sobriety tests.

Typically, in legal proceedings, commonly acknowledged tests and indicators include Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus or HGN. Additional assessments like walking and turning, as well as reciting the alphabet (both forward and backward), are additional examinations that will be conducted and treated as valid evidence in court.

Mentioned above are only some of the facts about DUI violations. There are still a lot of details that you will need to know when it comes to DUI cases. This is why you will need someone who can guide you, answer your questions, and defend you in court. If you are searching for a Houston County Attorney who specializes in DUI cases, contact The Kunes Law Office today. Simply call (229) 382-4900 for a free consultation!

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